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Expense Management System EXPEGO is...
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We have updated "Very Practical Information" for 2017
Expense Management System EXPEGO is...
We have updated "Very Practical Information"
We have updated "Very Practical Information"
We have updated "Very Practical Information"
Gross Minimum Wages01.01.2017-31.12.2017
Gross Minimum Wage 1777,5
Net Minimum Wage (single or working wife)1404,06
Severance Pay Ceiling01.07.2017-31.12.2017
Severance Pay Ceiling4732,48
Upper and Lower Limits for Social Security Institution Premiums01.01.2017-31.12.2017
Lower Limit1777,5
Upper Limit13331,40
Meal Allowance2017
Meal Allowance (Excluded VAT)14
Stamp Tax on Salaries2017
Stamp Tax on Salaries0,759%
Disability Allowance2017
First Degree Disables900
Second Degree Disables470
Third Degree Disables210
Income Tax Rates2017
Up to 13.000 TL15%
13000- 30.000 TL20%
30000- 110.000 TL27%
Above 110.000 TL35%
Annual Vacation Days  
1-5 Years14 Days
5-15 Years20 Days
>15 Years26 Days
Working Time  Notification Payment
<6 Months2 Weeks Wage
6 Ay-1,5 Years4 Weeks Wage
1,5 Years-3 Years6 Weeks Wage 
>3 Years8 Weeks Wage
Family situation of the personnelMonthly Minimum minimum subsistence allowance (YTL)
Married, non working wife159,98
Married, non working wife, a child179,97
Married, non working wife, two children199,97
Married, non working wife, three children226,63
Married, non working wife, four children226,63
Married, working wife133,31
Married, working wife, a child153,31
Married, working wife, two child173,31
Married, working wife, three child199,97
Married, working wife, four child213,3