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2018 Very Practical Information
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2018 Very Practical Information
Gross Minimum Wages 01.01.2018-31.12.2018
Gross Minimum Wage  2029,50
Net Minimum Wage (single or working wife) 1603,12
Severance Pay Ceiling 01.07.2018-31.12.2018
Severance Pay Ceiling 5434,42
Upper and Lower Limits for Social Security Institution Premiums 01.01.2018-31.12.2018
Lower Limit 2029,50
Upper Limit 15221,40
Meal Allowance 2018
Meal Allowance (Excluded VAT) 16
Stamp Tax on Salaries 2018
Stamp Tax on Salaries 0,759%
Disability Allowance 2018
First Degree Disables 1000
Second Degree Disables 530
Third Degree Disables 240
Income Tax Rates 2018
Up to 14.800 TL 15%
14.800- 34.000 TL 20%
34.000- 80.000 TL 27%
Above 80.000 TL 35%
Annual Vacation Days  
1-5 Years 14 Days
5-15 Years 20 Days
>15 Years 26 Days
Working Time   Notification Payment
<6 Months 2 Weeks Wage
6 Ay-1,5 Years 4 Weeks Wage
1,5 Years-3 Years 6 Weeks Wage 
>3 Years 8 Weeks Wage
Family situation of the personnel Monthly Minimum minimum subsistence allowance (YTL)
Single 152,21
Married, non working wife 182,66
Married, non working wife, a child 205,49
Married, non working wife, two children 228,32
Married, non working wife, three children 258,76
Married, non working wife, four children 258,76
Married, working wife 152,21
Married, working wife, a child 175,04
Married, working wife, two child 197,88
Married, working wife, three child 228,32
Married, working wife, four child 243,54